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Color Measurement Software for Formulation & Quality Control
Type of Product : Spectrophotometer
Type of Business : Automotive
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EFX QC Software

For Quality Control of Effect Finishes

  • Establishes digital tolerances for effect finishes
  • Simplifies the process to define, communicate, and ensure conformance to standards
  • Monitors and manages color for the most sophisticated materials

EFX QC Software Precisely Defines and Controls Effect Finishes

The ability to accurately communicate and consistently achieve color and advanced effect finishes is imperative in today’s competitive marketplace. EFX QC is a breakthrough software solution that provides innovative tools to control effect finishes for even the most sophisticated materials in a variety of industries.

Facilitate Communication Across the Supply Chain
EFX QC software sets and digitally communicates global tolerances and measurement procedures. By pairing EFX QC with an X-Rite MA-5 QCMA-T6, or MA-T12 multi-angle spectrophotometers, quality control professionals can easily define, communicate and ensure conformance with standards and measurement procedures for color, sparkle and coarseness across distributed supply chains.

Monitor Performance in Real-Time
EFX QC incorporates reusable digital assets, such as standards, tolerances, jobs, and more, as well as job templates and standardized procedures for intuitive measurement and data analysis. Visual tools, including performance trend charts and stored images of specific measurements, provide real-time performance monitoring and  actionable insights to troubleshoot out-of-tolerance color.