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SPG Prints : Stork Prints กลับไปรายการประเภทนี้
Acid inks

 For printing on polyamide-Lycra and silk
     The Stork Prints acid ink set has been developed together with major digital textile printing companies that serve the swimwear, sportswear and fashion markets by printing on elastic fabrics. This has resulted in a unique set of inks that achieves both bright, vivid colours andindustry standard fastness results. In addition to all standard colours, an extra choice in the red colours lets you optimize your print resultfor each specific application. Two extra colours, Rhodamine and Flavine, allow you to print fluorescent pink and yellow.

     Stork Prints has also developed and patented a special through print application in combination with the acid ink set. Using a software-controlled dedicated penetration fluid a perfect ink penetration and through print is realized on all elastic fabrics and silk.Whether it is a silk scarf that needs a print on both sides or a polyamide-Lycra swimsuit that has to maintain the colour shade whenit is stretched, it is all possible using Stork Prints’ patented acid through print solution.

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