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Copower (Lab Dyeing Machine) กลับไปรายการประเภทนี้

No temperature difference between each dye-pot Plugged in the heating drum 
          ◆Make sure the temperature is same in each dye-pot

No temperature dropping during dye-pot be plugged in or unloaded 
          ◆Can be used for constant temperature dyeing like the traditional glycerol dyeing machine It's more efficient than others IR 
          ◆Energy saving No wasting the time to heat up again

No more service on temperature sensor cable 
          ◆The cable is fixed on the drum, is lots reliable than other suspended in the air

Intelligent design for chemical lid, no more mistake is caused on chemical adding during cotton fabric dyeing 
          ◆Easy to operate and check whether the chemical is added orRevision 2.00 P AGE 1/1 2007/9/25 not To avoid the mistake   
such as over-adding or miss-adding happened
No wrinkle on polyester fabrics, no need to iron out after dyeing 
          ◆Special accessory used for dyeing polyester fabrics Not only getting good result but also no wrinkle on the fabric

Low  liquid ratio 1:6 for cotton dyeing


Stainless steel casing x1
Heating element x1
Heating drum x1
Temperature controller x1
(16 programs and 16 steps) x1
Temperature sensor x1
Air Cooling system x1
Water cooling System x1


Power consumption : 4KW Voltage
Voltage : 220V
Phase : Single Phase
Frequency : 50/60 Hz
Dimension (WxDxH) : 650x720x730mm
Net weight : about 90kgs (excluding accessories)

(Specifications subject to change without notice)

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