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AirPerm M021A Air Permeability Tester
The AirPerm makes air permeability testing much more affordable while maintaining confidence that test results meet international and retailer standards.
Type of Product : Fiber Testing
Type of Business : Textile
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Product Details




Designed to meet air permeability standards for

  • Paper

  • Textiles 

  • Nonwovens

Provides quick and straightforward results in the unit of measure of your choice.

Easy to Use

  • Single press clamping/test initiation and single press sample release

  • Quick change test heads

  Long sturdy clamping arm extends over a large test table



Automatic ranging system detects the size of the installed test head and determines the appropriate pressure range


powerful but quiet vacuum accommodates a variety of test heads



8 selectable units of measure available



Mounted on wheels for ease of transport