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Sweating Guarded Hotplate M259B
Evaluates a fabric's permeability, breathability and heat loss from sweat evaporation. Often referred to as the "Skin Model", the Sweating Guarded Hotplate measures thermal properties and water vapor resistance of fabrics and other materials under steady state conditions.
Type of Product : Fiber Testing
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  • The humidity guard and hotplate are both made of sintered porous bronze - the most accurate simulation of human skin


  • Hotplate height is adjusted by a motor drive ensuring that the plate remains level at all times


  • The grooved guard plate allows for simple and precise sample loading

Conditioned Chamber

The sophisticated purpose-designed climate chamber ensures the most rigid control and monitoring of:

  • Air Temperature

  • Air Speed

  • Relative Humidity

  • Heater Power Consumption



Three Section Hotplate

  • Test Plate

  • Guard Section

  • Bottom Plate


Each section electronically and independently maintains a constant temperature in the range of human skin (33 to 36°C)


Air speed sensor located directly above the sample


Other climate control sensors include:

  • Relative Humidity

  • Ambient Air Temperature



Test samples with an area of ​​250 mm x 250 mm and a thickness of 70 mm can be tested


The instrument simulates both wet and dry skin conditions giving a complete sample profile


Test parameters are displayed on the instrument's full color display at set increments, controllable by the operator. 


  • Thermal Resistance (Ret)

  • Vapor  Resistance (Rct)

  • Hotplate  Temperature

  • Thermal Guard Temperature

  • Time Remaining in Test



Intuitive software can control the display and storage of real-time results for all test methods






Comes with a laptop loaded with specialized Control & Analysis Software

  • Easy to control and understand reports depict all critical settings
  • Red/Green indicators give confirmation of test conditions at a glance