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MMT®: (Moisture Management Tester) M290
The MMT is the only instrument on the market that can precisely measure the liquid management properties of performance and technical fabrics. One 2-minute test gives a comprehensive profile of a fabric's performance, producing the following data: Overall Moisture Management Capacity Accumulative One-Way Transport Capacity Wetting Time for top and bottom surfaces Absorption Rate for top and bottom surfaces Max Wetted Radius for top and bottom surfaces Spreading Speed top and bottom surfaces
Type of Product : Fiber Testing
Type of Business : Textile
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Product Details



Easy to Use

Measure, evaluate, and classify liquid management properties of fabrics quickly and easily

  • Sample is placed horizontally in the instrument between the upper and lower sensors


  • The solution, representing perspiration, is dropped on the center of the sample


  • As the solution moves through and across the sample, the changes in electrical resistance are measured and recorded



The upper sensor and protective translucent draft shield are motorized to automatically move into position at the beginning and end of the test run.

  • The sample is behind a draft shield to protect the sample during the test
  • The translucent draft shield allows the user to observe the test in progress


The open style cabinet allows easy access to both the samples and the instrument components.

Sensors can be removed easily for routine cleaning and maintenance.


  • A center lamp allows the operator to precisely place the sample, increasing test repeatability and reproducibility.


  • Supplied with MMT Verification Fabric to ensure reliability of the test results

High Tech

Grading tables of international test standards provide quick and reliable analysis of test results instantaneously.

Display Interface options include:

  • English

  • Spanish

  • Turkish

  • Chinese

Stretch Fabrics

  • The optional Stretch Fabric Fixture provides more accurate testing for how some fabrics will behave while in use, particularly those used for athletic clothing and underwear.
  • The Stretch Fabric Fixture is comprised of 3 pieces that will prepare a fabric sample in a stretched position for testing. The percentage of stretch can be easily adjusted to the test’s requirements using the scale on the fixture’s handle. Samples can be stretched up to 50%.

Stretch Fabrics

  • Once the percentage of stretch is set, the sample is clamped into place with a Clamping Ring, removed from the fixture and placed directly onto the MMT’s test area for moisture management testing.