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Color iQC Print
For Quality Control and Quality Assurance
Type of Product : Color QC
Type of Business : Printing & Packaging
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Product Details
Color iQC Print: designed to meet evolving color measurement and management requirements in the printing and packaging industries 
Color iQC Print is a Process Control solution that incorporates the latest digital workflow technologies and standards for a complete color quality control solution. With a PantoneLIVETM enabled license, printers and converters can connect to to the PantoneLIVETM database, ensuring secure access to accurate spectral values for brand color palettes, delivering color that is right the first time, right every time. Color iQC Online ensures centralized control and management yet provides easy access to all authorized users within the color network. Measurement of color data is not a one-time event; with Color iQC Print data is captured and reports generated that establish an enterprise-wide view. 
Choose Color iQC Print for color quality control and benefit from: 
  • Compliance with industry standards, including G7, PSO, ISO, JPMA. 
  • Define quality metrics like Density, dE, Dot Gain, Overprint/ Trapping and Gray balance. 
  • Operations Managers, Production and Ink Lab Managers can tailor to meet their department needs, whether by shift, operator or locations. 
  • Associate by job, sheet or sample set. 
  • Meet brand managers color expectations by enabling PantoneLIVE. 
  • Integrated with NetProflier allows IQC to support accurate measurements on an enterprise level.