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DryRate 201 M201
DryRate 201 is a fully automated and advanced instrument with a heated metal plate, which simulates human skin starting to perspire at 37°C, that determines the drying rate based on evaporation rate from the fabric.
Type of Product : Fabrics Testing
Type of Business : Textile
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Testing Principle

Based on the principle of a wetted fabric against a heat source with air flow, the evaporation of water will remove heat to reduce the surface temperature.

Detecting the temperature of the fabric surface accurately determines whether the textile has become completely dry.

Automatic Mode

For the fully automated testing mode, the operator simply places the sample in the test area, and the instrument will automatically run the test.

Water dispensing initiates automatically. 

The operator can change the amount of water and air flow through the testing parameters.


Manual Mode

The manual test mode allows manual water dosing as described in the AATCC 201 Test Method.

Testing Conditions

  • Closed-loop control system (heated metal plate and air flow) secures consistent test conditions.

  • Testing conditions are constantly monitored by the built-in anemometer (air flow sensor) and infrared thermocouple probe.


Test Results

All test results are included in test reports which can be displayed either directly on the instrument screen or on a connected computer for further analysis and comparison to previous tests.

7-inch Capacitive Touch Screen Controller 

  • Full Color
  • Instantly set parameters 
  • Monitor testing status and
  • Read final results
  • Multi-lingual interface with display options in English, Chinese, Spanish and Turkish