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Auto Search and Correct
Type of Product : Spectrophotometer
Type of Business : Retail Paint
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Auto Search and Correct

For Special Effect Paints

Auto Search and Correct Web software builds on the success of X-Rite’s desktop application, enabling refinish paint companies to quickly and easily obtain automotive paint formulas for solid and effect colors.

Search and Automatically Correct Paint Recipes

Finding the best effect paint color recipe can be a challenge. Online look up systems from VIN and Color Codes often yield poor color matches or no recipe found. X-Rite’s Auto Search and Correct software provides refinish paint companies the ability to search and automatically correct paint recipes for measured vehicles in need of repair. It offers the most advanced search and correction algorithms to ensure best match quality.

Auto Search and Correct Web platform simplifies processes by obtaining paint formulas from existing color libraries and applying automotive corrections to the refinish paint formula. It utilizes searching metrics based on the spectral footprint of a color rather than simple colorimetric data used in current solutions for more accurate color searches. In addition, Search and Correct adds the unique capability of using an advanced effect formulation engine to correct existing automotive standards and achieve a superior color match.


  • Simplify the process for refinish paint companies to update, distribute, and differentiate their brand through custom and modern branded web sites to enable the best service level and functionality to their customers.
  • Synchronize data anytime and anywhere via a secure browser interface through PC, tablet or mobile device with no install required.
  • Obtain acceptable color matches in fewer steps with next generation formulation engine that has prediction capabilities for all types of toners, including effects.
  • Immediate data synchronization with new recipes, stored securely in the AWS cloud and protected by Amazon Shield Advanced.
Auto Search and Correct with advanced formulation algorithms and search metrics make it easy to use, even with less skilled operators. This means increased consistency across multiple locations, reduced paint waste, and faster turn-around time for auto painting jobs.