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X-Rite Intellitrax2 Pro
Premier Press Side Scanning Solution Reduces make ready time by more than 40%
Type of Product : Automate Scanning
Type of Business : Printing & Packaging
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Product Details

Integrated and Intuitive Scanning Solution

The IntelliTrax2 Pro integrated scanning solution provides mid- to large- size commercial and folding carton printers with instant feedback on job performance, with improved quality control reporting and with G7 compliance, for an end-to-end connected pressroom workflow.
  • Reduced make-ready time and waste. IntelliTrax2 Pro reports results on screen instantly so press operators can quickly make adjustments, even before color drift is visible to the human eye.
  • Full Range of Color Measurements. In less than 10 seconds, IntelliTrax2 Pro measures process colors, spot colors, PANTONE® colors, paper color, tone value increase, gray balance and ink density.
  • Non-Contact Instrument. No need to worry about smudging or scratching the image during the measurement process.
Support Global Industry Standards
G7 Certified and supports PSO/FOGRA for increased process control and the utmost in color accuracy.
Real-Time Guidance
The IntelliTrax2 Pro delivers a powerful workflow that provides press operators with performance visibility, real-time guidance on how to achieve desitred colors quickly, and seamless reporting back to the ColorCert Scorecard Server.