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X-Rite eXact XP
Available in all eXact models, the eXact Xp is a feature-rich and easy-to-use handheld spectrophotometer specifically designed to help flexible packaging converters and ink manufacturers achieve accurate and consistent measurements on flexible films and other print and packaging substrates.
Type of Product : Spectrophotometer
Type of Business : Printing & Packaging
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Product Details

Setting the Standard for Color Measurement

The eXact Xp Standard is designed to ensure accurate printing of both CMYK and spot colors as well as leveraging industry standards for process control. The eXact Xp Advanced is designed for ink labs and quality control labs to provide enhanced functionality of quality control features, store sample measurements for data tracking, and allow for multiple user profiles on one device.

Benefits of eXact

Streamline Jobs on Press
  • Provides all density metrics plus colorimetric/value functions resulting in better validation of color control
  • Supports all industry print standards: G7, ISO, PSO, and Japan Color
Best in Spot Color Support
  • Provides enhanced spot color handling by allowing creation and management of standards and color 
libraries to be located on your device
Enhanced Measurement Capabilities
  • Reduces wasted time and materials with simultaneous measurements of M0/M1/M2 conditions
  • eXact provides the most versatile aperture set. You can meet different workflows needs and patch sizes when compared to other instruments: 1.5mm, 2mm, 4mm, & 6mm. eXact’s 2mm spot size is the most popular by capturing a sufficient number of printed dots but enables good measurement of 3mm patches.
  • Lastly, X-Rite provides an end-to-end color management experience with software integration for ink formulation and quality control while providing global service offerings that reduce the risk of workflow downtime.