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X-Rite eXact Basic
Densitometer for CMYK jobs
Type of Product : Densitometer
Type of Business : Printing & Packaging
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Product Details
For press operators, that need a simple device for color control at the press, the eXact Basic densitometer is the answer. It is an entry-level densitometer designed specifically for CMYK jobs, enabling you to achieve and maintain accurate color throughout the run. Without even pressing a button, you will get the Density and Tone Value measurements you need to make the right ink key adjustments at the press. Replace visual trial and error with fact-based color control that shortens make ready times and helps you achieve a new level of color consistency.
  • Provides accurate density and TVI (dot gain results)
  • Ensure Color Accuracy and Consistency
  • Generates automatic recognition of color (CMYK) and patch type (paper, solids, and tints)
  • Upgradeable by password to any higher-end spectrophotometer within the eXact family, making eXact a single portfolio that grows with your business needs