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VISOR® Robotic
Type of Product : Sensors & Image Processing
Type of Business : Automation & Control ,Automotive
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Product Details

VISOR® Robotic


  • Calibration methods tailored to the application
  • Target Mark technology provides 3D object poses in no time
  • Simplified installation through 3D grip point transformation

Typical VISOR® Robotic

Expectations of today’s robotics solutions are steadily rising in the context of Industry 4.0, paired with a simultaneous desire for greater ease-of-use. And this is precisely where the VISOR®  Robotic demonstrates its outstanding ability. Available in several versions, it offers the perfect solution for a variety of automation tasks. Designed with integrated and standardised interfaces, VISOR® Robotic can be easily incorporated in existing installations and systems, and thanks to different calibration methods and flexible data structures, it is also suited to a diverse range of procedures.
Scope of detectors according to the application:
  • Advanced: To solve common image-guided robotics applications
  • Professional: Extended scope of functions for identification, enhanced calibration methods and localisation in 3D