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PillGrade M227G
Automated Pilling Grading System
Type of Product : Pilling/Snagging
Type of Business : Textile
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Product Details

The PillGrade's 3D fabric scanning system calculates precise data to objectively and repeatedly grade fabric samples for surface properties.
It provides grading results far more consistent and reliable than subjective pilling grading methods.


PillGrade Advantages

  • Ensures objective, repeatable grades

  • Ensures agreement throughout textile supply chain

  • Easy and fast (~5 seconds) to operate

  • Correlates to ASTM & ISO grade scale

  • Compiles production/supplier pill data

  • Measures and grades fuzziness

  • Also grades snags


How the PillGrade Works

Detects the sizes, numbers, and locations of  pills

Rates  the  sample’s  fuzziness  and grades it on 1.0‐5.0 scale to both ASTM and ISO standards

Able to scan and grade fabrics of any weight, color and pattern


Easy to Use

Sample automatically loads when placed into PillGrade

Test takes less than 5 seconds to operate 

Grades any textile no matter the material, weight, color or pattern


Results Provided

  • Quantity of pills

  • Histogram of pill sizes

  • Average pill size

  • Pill density (pill/in2 and pills/cm2)

  • Fuzz loft

  • Multiple sample average: 1.0 - 5.0 pilling grade