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Portable Spectrocolorimeters
Type of Product : Spectrophotometer
Type of Business : Design
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For Color Identification

CAPSURE, a pocket-sized color identification tool, can measure color on an inspiration item and identify the closest color match in related color libraries.

Portable Color Identification Tool

CAPSURE accurately reads color on a wide range of surfaces and materials to find the closest match in related color libraries. Ideal when searching for extra inspiration, CAPSURE can provide color recommendations to aid in the design process with Harmony Palettes, Similar Colors and Color Navigation.
CAPSURE can also isolate colors within a multi-colored pattern to develop matching or complementary color palettes. It is the ideal tool for professionals in fashion, home, interiors, and graphic design.


Quality Color Matches on Common Samples:

  • Automatically identify dominant shades from a detailed or multi-colored sample.
  • Ensures convenience and portability due to the lightweight form factor and USB rechargeable battery.
  • Stores up to 100 measurements and features a built-in microphone that creates an audio record for each color.
  • Proprietary, one-click color identification system can accurately identify color components and quicklycross-check the best matches between color collections.
  • Recalls saved colors to create custom palettes and merge choices with popular design applications.
CAPSURE also integrates with PANTONE color libraries, which means it can deliver recommendations for harmonious color palettes and similar colors to further enhance design strategies.