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Ci51 Sphere Spectrophotometer
Type of Product : Spectrophotometer
Type of Business : Coating ,Garment ,Leather ,Plastic ,Retail Paint ,Textile
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For Entry-Level Retail Paint Measurement

The X-Rite Ci51 is a versatile, affordable, entry-level handheld sphere spectrophotometer that offers fast, easy means of capturing color data from customer-supplied samples.

Fast color matching for an efficient paint counter

Quickly determining formulation recipes for matching paint to customer-supplied samples enhances customer satisfaction and paint counter productivity. With the X-Rite Ci51 handheld spectrophotometer, counter personnel can measure flat or complex samples in less than two seconds on materials such as paper, plastic, fabric and a variety of hard surfaces.
The Ci51 is connected to a personal computer and can be used as a tethered handheld device or mounted for small footprint benchtop use. The accompanying ColorDesigner PLUS software formulates colors and stores paint recipes for fast, accurate customer service. An optional foot pedal enables remote hands-free operation.




  •  Accommodates a wide range of samples and sizes with measurement capability of 14mm or larger on materials such as paper, plastic, fabric, and a variety of hard surfaces.
  •  Flat or complex samples can be measured in as little as two second for fast color data acquisition.
  •  Its dampened, flip back targeting shoe and remote measurement trigger make it easy to measure difficult-to-handle samples.
  •  Providing the ultimate in versatility, the Ci51 can be used as a tethered handheld or mounted as a small footprint benchtop instrument