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Ci52 Sphere Spectrophotometer
Type of Product : Spectrophotometer
Type of Business : Coating ,Garment ,Leather ,Plastic ,Retail Paint ,Textile
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For Consistent Tethered QC Measurement

The Ci52 is an affordable, versatile sphere spectrophotometer for consistent measurement of color and appearance for a wide range of materials, ideal for quality control applications.

Versatile color measurement for quality control

Looking for a fast, affordable quality control tool to monitor batch-to-batch variations and inconsistencies between customer specifications and production output? Need a way to speed up the creation and approval of samples? 
The Ci52 is a versatile instrument for consistent measurement of a wide variety of samples in a range of materials, sizes, shapes, textures, and opacity levels. It enables simultaneous measurement of both color and appearance to enhance accuracy in measuring paint and textile samples. It can be used as a tethered handheld device or mounted for small footprint benchtop use. A NetProfiler3-enabled system, it ensures consistent, precise performance.




  • Large target window for ease of measuring larger objects or samples.
  • Easy to operate. Its ‘close and play’ operation, supported by an LED visual and audible status indicators are ideal for operators at all skill levels.
  • Fast, accurate reads with a measurement time of 2 seconds on standard flat samples and complex shapes.
  • Simultaneous measurement of both specular-included (color) and specular-excluded (appearance) to determine influence of specular components and deliver accurate color and appearance data.
  • On-board NetProfiler system optimizes instrument performance and allows for remote certification, ensuring the instrument is always accurate with up-to-date calibration. Delivers good inter-instrument agreement with other X-Rite color measurement instruments.
The 14mm target window in the Ci52 spectrophotometer is an added benefit, making it easier to capture color and appearance data from the larger objects and samples often used in quality control operations. Its remote foot pedal option is designed for convenient, hands-free operation.