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Rain Tester
Water Repellency Tester
Type of Product : Fabrics Testing
Type of Business : Garment ,Textile
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Product Details

The SDL Atlas Rain Tester determines the penetration resistance of fabrics at different intensities of water impact, testing for waterproofness and water resistance. 


Simulated rain dispensed from the water column can be adjusted depending on the standard

Water temperature and spray rate and duration are automatically controlled


Full Color Touchscreen

  • Preset with AATCC 35 and ISO 22958 test methods

  • Provides full control of Water Column Height, Water Temperature, and Test Time.

  • Multi-lingual interface with display options in English, Chinese, Spanish and Turkish


Built-in Water Tank and Testing Reservoir

  • Eliminates potential connection and size errors

  • Complies with test standards

  • Built-in drain reduces work load

  • Consolidated design conserves lab space

  • Reduces water usage


Water Column

Available in multiple heights depending on testing needs:

  • 1500 mm (60 in)

  • 2400 mm (96 in)

Built in calibration functions for Water Temperature and Water Impact Density ensures data accuracy
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Blotting Paper 20 x 40, 125 Sheets