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Water Repellency Tester
Type of Product : Fabrics Testing
Type of Business : Textile
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Product Details

The Bundesmann determines the resistance to simulated rain for fabrics that are being contacted during use such as rain jackets.


  • Water flow can be varied depending on the requirements of the standard
  • Automatic timer switches off when test cycle completes
  • Drip tray keeps water from dropping onto test area in between tests
  • Mechanical filter removes any coarse contaminants from the water
  • Optional centrifuge removes excess surface water from samples


Simulated rain falls 150 cm through 300 identical stainless steel drop-formers


Purposeful Design

  • Samples are mounted over a cup and are rubbed from underneath during the test
  • Four 100 mm test stations are inclined at 15 degrees
  • Automatic wipers simulate fabric wear
  • Clamping ring secures each sample to the cup

Easy to Use

Samples can be quickly removed and changed out through specially designed easy-mount sample holders with secure clamping rings.

Samples are mounted onto the holders while outside of the tester and then set into place on top of the cups