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ColorChex Color Assessment Cabinet G210/60/120
Cost saving alternative for your Assessment Cabinet requirements.
Type of Product : Grading
Type of Business : Textile
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Product Details

New high specification/low cost option to conventional light booths. With illuminant A and Horizon sunlight as standard, 3 other fluorescent light sources can also be specified including D65 (CRI 98), TL84/P15 and UV.

Light booths comply with BS 950 Part 1 and 16 CIES. X0.12. Preset with programmable-sequence lighting and individual lighting life record function. Optional selection for remote control function of light source selection.

  •  Pre-heat time setting (10 seconds) for fluorescent  
  • With usage record (by on / off) for individual fluorescent
  • With individual lighting life record function and over-time alarm
  • With programmable-sequence lighting function
  • Interlocking function for three light sources: D65, TL84/P15 and UV
  • With optional light sources (change the name on display panel through program setting) 
  • Remote control of light source selection (Optional)
Switch Code Lamp Options  
D65 Artificial Daylight D65 Correlated color temperature is 6500 K. Within the tolerances prescribed in BS 950: Part: 1, Illuminant for color matching apprasial. Specified for most applications where there is a need to maintain color consistency and quality. Conforming highly to the CIE specifications, for accurate color matching. 
TLD84       Narrow-Band Florescent    Narrow Band Triphosphor Fluorescent lamps. Correlated color temperature of 4000 K. Used as an European Point of Sales Illuminant. 
A Illuminant A (Inc A) Correlated color temperature 2856 K. Required by BS 950: Part 1 as a test for metamerisum (CIE Illuminant A). Used to check for color flaring. This is particularly important for those shades containing red and yellow coloring matters. 
H Horizon Daylight Home lighting with correlated color temperature of 2300 K. 
UV Ultra-Violet Blacklight (UV) Use to detect the prescence of Optical Brightener and/or Florescent Dyes. Therefore it is useful when assessing white and Florescent shades to check the level present and its evenness.