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Ozone Exposure Chamber M287B
Safe and reliable test environment for colorfastness to ozone.
Type of Product : Fabrics Testing
Type of Business : Garment ,Non Woven ,Textile
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Product Details

The Ozone Exposure Chamber provides a safe and reliable test environment to check textiles for colorfastness to ozone.

The instrument includes a high output ozone generator, a touch screen controller, and closed loop control of the ozone concentration in the chamber. Up to twenty four specimens can be mounted on the rotating rack. The unit does not require a fume hood or exhaust piping because all exhaust from chamber passes through an ozone scrubber. For additional safety of the user, the chamber door has safety interlock so it can't be opened until the ozone is cleared and a negative chamber air pressure is maintained to ensure there are no leaks. User interface available in English, Spanish, Turkish, and Chinese.

  • High output ozone generator
  • Touch screen controller with four language options
  • Closed loop control of ozone levels
  • Can be programmed to warm up at set time
  • LED lighting in chamber
  • Large viewing window with UV blocking glass
  • UV blocking glass on chamber door
  • Ozone scrubber, door interlock, and negative chamber pressure provide safety
  • Operating environment 20-25° C and 50-70% Rh
  • Instrument does not need to be in a fume hood or connected to exhaust