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Universal Wear Tester (UWT) M282
Test wear and abrasion resistance
Type of Product : Fabrics Testing
Type of Business : Non Woven ,Textile
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Product Details

The UWT is used to test wear and abrasion resistance of fabrics for apparel, shoes, upholstery, automotive, and many other areas.

Also known as a Stoll Quartermaster Abrasion Tester, it is designed to run numerous tests with five different possible setups.



Meets your testing needs

  • Combines Stoll Flex and Stoll Abrasion tests in a single instrument

  • Optional Accessories allow for a variety of abrasion tests including flat, flex, fold, frosting and edge wear

  • Designed to meet international standards including: AATCC, ASTM, FORD, FTM S, WSP, and IST

Automatic test mode allows for reliablerepeatable testing

Consistent motor speed ensures 120 double strokes per minute of 25 mm stroke length



  • Features digital controls for accurate cycle counting and timing
  • Digital counter and timer display number of strokes and time to sample failure

Elastomeric Pad/Pilling Test  – A special elastomeric base pad is attached to the specimen holder of the optional Frosting Attachment and another elastomeric friction pad is mounted on the abrasion head.

Edge Abrasion Test – A special sample holder provides three options of holding a sample for abrasion of an edge or a fold in a fabric.

Frosting Attachment  Set –  Includes a sample holder with a felt pad and a sample mounting device.


Advanced air injection system provides uniform diaphragm inflation 

Supplied with two inflatable diaphragms - one with electrical contact and one without