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Rotawash M228
Precision colorfastness testing in a compact, modern design
Type of Product : RemoteAccess
Type of Business : Textile
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Product Details

Color fastness to washing or dry cleaning is easy and affordable with the Rotawash. It's the perfect instrument for smaller testing needs. 

Available in an 8 or 12 container model, this instrument can handle either the 550 ml or 1200 ml containers. 


The instrument is all stainless steel, including interior, to provide years of reliable
service in a wet environment. Other special features include:

  • Press-in-place loading for containers

  • Door safety switch stops rotor if opened

  • Rotor jog button eases loading and unloading


Full Color Touch Screen Controller

  • Comes with standard tests preloaded

  • Able to program and save custom tests

  • Timer tells operator when test will be completed

  • Multi-lingual interface with display options in English, Chinese, Spanish and Turkish

  • Flashing light and beep to signify the completion of a test


Quality Accessories and Test Materials

SDL Atlas supplies a wide variety or test materials designed specifically for
testing with  the Rotawash

These high quality test materials will ensure that each test performed is accurate and reliable.


Compatible with RemoteAccess, the revolutionary Remote Instrument Monitoring Application. 

Shows the remaining testing time against the end of the test.

Operators can track the real-time testing progress anytime, anywhere,
on the go via RemoteAccess App (iOS and Android).