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RotaPill M227A/B Pilling & Snagging Tester
Type of Product : RemoteAccess
Type of Business : Textile
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Product Details

The RotaPill Pilling and Snagging Tester offers numerous options for accurately and quickly predicting pilling or snagging wear of fabrics. 

Box and drum configurations can be easily modified in order to meet most retailer's required test methods including ISO, BS, M&S, GB, NEXT, ADIDAS and more.




Two sizes available - 2 or 4 stations

The powerful drive base operates ICI Pilling/Snagging Boxes, Octagonal 
Snagging Drums, and/or M&S Pilling & Snagging Drums
Can operate different boxes and drums to perform different tests simultaneously


Full Color Touchscreen Controller

  • Standard tests preloaded so tests can be
  • started with just a couple of touches
  • Count down timer lets operator know when
  • test will finish
  • Multi-lingual interface with display options in
  • English, Chinese, Spanish and Turkish

Easy to Use

Magnetic backed cork liners make cork changes
easy without the need to remove the box from the drive

Snagging points can be mounted in the pilling
boxes eliminating the need for different boxes 


Compatible with RemoteAccess, the revolutionary Remote Instrument Monitoring Application. 

Shows the remaining testing time against the end of the test.

Operators can track the real-time testing progress anytime, anywhere, on the go via
RemoteAccess App (iOS and Android).