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Horizon Software
Software and machine control system for Tinius Olsen testing equipment
Type of Product : Testing Equipment
Type of Business : Textile
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Product Details

The Horizon software program makes testing simple, precise, and efficient.

The software goes well beyond data collection and presentation, assisting  with  the automation of operations, from R&D to the charting and analysis of QC testing.


Key Features

  • Test Editor
  • Tabbed Test and Recall Area Multiple Machine Control Output Editor
  • Multilingual 
  • Method Editor
  • Result Editor
  • Test Method Library
  • Multifaceted Security

Simple, Powerful Software for Materials Testing

Horizon Software Introduction Screens and Launch Pages utilize the most current Windows environments. These familiar formats make it easy to learn and easy to use.

Tabbed Test and Recall Area

The testing area allows for the viewing of live data while the test is being performed as well as from previous tests

Multiple tabs showcase the recalling of previous testing data as well as each testing machine connected to the software

Each testing tab can be customized to display results, multiple graphs, multiple plots on a single graph, and live data (including custom formulas)


Result and Output Editors

  • Up to 3 different graph types can be produced per test

  • Reports can be generated with custom layouts, formats and images

  • Data can be exported to variety of different formats

  • An overview is always available for preview

  • Reports can be distributed across multiple PCs or across Networks. 


Custom Results

Customized formulas can be written to create unique results

The Translation section allows titles and commands to be translated into local languages and dialects

Statistical display options are available for selected results


Method Library and Test Editor

Horizon contains a searchable database containing pre-defined testing routines based on Standards from ASTM, ISO, EN, BS, DIN and many more.

These routines include testing in tension, compression, flexure, torsion, melt index, heat distortion, hardness, impact, and more

Each method may be transferred into the user’s main database and customized


Help Desk and Support

In-program tutorials guide the operator through various activities

Operators can link directly to application based microsites which feature an Ask-The-Expert Forum for assistance

Tinius Olsen support staff can take remote control of the computer when higher levels of assistance are requested