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Static Elongation Instrument
Type of Product : Testing Equipment
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The Textender is designed to evaluate the stretch, recovery, and growth properties of fabrics, especially those used in sportswear and athleisure clothing.

Stretch and recovery testing is used to determine the stretch, comfort and fit of a fabric, as well as understanding how well the fabric returns to its original condition after being stretched.

The Textender meets both the ASTM D2594 and ASTM D3107 standards which historically require 2 different testers. The new design also meets the modified requirements of a number of renowned retailers of knitted and woven fabrics made from stretch yarns.

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Complete Testing Flexibility

The Textender can be supplied in 3 different
configurations to best suit your laboratory environment:

  • Wheeled 3 stations instrument 
  • Wheeled 6 stations instrument (3 stations per side)
  • Wall mounted in multiples of 3


Reliable Precision

The Textender can be supplied with these optional rulers and
benchmarking template to help ensure accuracy in
sample measurement both before and after testing.


Independent Station Timers

Each station is equipped with a timer for independent testing from each station. Timers can also be removed from the station allowing the operator the flexibility of leaving the testing area during the test duration.

The Textender Timers have 3 functions: 

  • Precision Timer
  • Alarm
  • Clock

When the testing time is set, the alarm will beep when the set test is completed.


Unmatched Adaptability

A variety of different weights and wire hangers allow the user to configure the Textender in a variety of setups to test to multiple test methods.

The optional 8, 3 and 1 pound weights can be combined to perform a variety of specific evaluations including multiple ASTM test methods