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Remote Instrument Monitoring Application
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Through the revolutionary Remote Instrument Monitoring Application, operators can now track the real-time testing progress of instruments anytime,
anywhere, on the go.No longer confined to laboratories during long tests, operators can now view remaining testing time against the end of a test,
giving them good grasp of the testing status with a glance of the Monitoring App.

Available on iOS and Android.

Download from the Apple Store Here: SDL Atlas RemoteAccess for iOS

Download from the Google Store Here: SDL Atlas RemoteAccess for Android


                                Connect to a wide range of instruments. Currently pair with:

                                   Vortex M6

                                More instruments will be added soon.

Available on iOS and Android  

                           Pop-Up message to notify operators 5 minutes in advance of the end of test

                           Optional notification sound and/or vibration alerts

Stay connected with the instrument of your choice  

                                          More Instruments

                                          More Options

                                          Coming Soon