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Hydraulic Busting Tester
Type of Product : Testing Equipment
Type of Business : Textile
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Product Details

The Autoburst gives unmatched performance in bursting strength and intelligence. The hydraulic system provides 6000 kPa (871 psi) of pressure to handle heavy duty fabrics and fabrics that need to comply with test standards that specify hydraulic testing, offering distension measurement up to 70 mm.

This makes the Autoburst the ideal solution for outdoor technical textiles, heavy plastics and geotextiles while it can also provide precision on lighter weight textiles.


Operate as a stand-alone unit or via a computer

Most common standards are pre-programmed

Software analysis for full results


Unmatched Performance

Automatic flow control ensures the sample will burst with in the time window specified by the relevant standard. 

Diaphragm correction calculation subtracts the pressure required to inflate the bare diaphragm from the burst pressures to provide the actual burst strength of the sample. 



Flow Rate Adjustment alters the rate of pressure increase to complete the test within the time window specified in the relevant standard.

Distension measurement gives additional information about the burst point that traditional hydraulic testers do not provide.

Automatic diaphragm correction removes the pressure to inflate the bare diaphragm to give the accurate burst pressure for the sample.


Variety of Bells

Five bell sizes cover all major hydraulic test standards.  Need another bell size - let us know.

Bells and rings change easily without the use of any tools. 



  • Integrated safety shield
  • Emergency stop button


Equipped with a full-color touch screen controller (English, Spanish, Chinese and Turkish), the new design allows easy access for diaphragm changes and maintenance.


Bursting Verification Fabrics

Two fabrics were developed for the purpose for verifying that a bursting tester is maintaining normal conditions between ISO 17025 calibrations.

The nominal bursting strength values are the results obtained from being tested by multiple units of calibrated (UKAS) Bursting Testers, both pneumatic and hydraulic types, from different manufacturers.


Diaphragms - Autoburst (pack of 10)

Diaphragms - Autoburst
(pack of 10)