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Pneumatic Bursting Strength Tester
Type of Product : Testing Equipment
Type of Business : Textile
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Product Details

Providing unparalleled capabilities in a pneumatic bursting tester, the PnuBurst has been engineered to overcome the inaccuracies of the traditional burst tester.  All of this in a pneumatic tester with a capacity of 1500 kPa (200 psi).

Clamping Pressure - adjusts sample clamping pressure to the requirements of the standard

Automatic Flow Control - ensures that the sample will burst in the time frame specified by the standard.

Diaphragm Correction - subtracts out the pressure it takes to inflate the bare diaphragm

Laser Distension Measurement - many tests want the height of the bursting point

Marks & Spencer Approved - meets the requirements of M&S and has their standards preloaded in the software along with many others

Cyclic Testing Software - a three dimensional stretching test for the increasing number of elastic fabrics


The full-color touch screen controller provides easy and complete control 

  • Preloaded standard tests

  • Clamping pressure

  • Diaphragm correction calculations for actual burst pressures

  • Automatic flow control to reach burst point in correct time

  • Multiple languages - English, Chinese, Spanish, Turkish


Variety of Bells

  • Seven bell sizes cover all major standards. Need another size - let us know.

  • Instrument automatically detects which bell and clamping ring are in place to eliminate error.

  • Bells and rings change without the use of any tools.



  • Integrated safety shield

  • Two-button clamping controls can be made required

  • Two-stage clamping slows down the bell as it approaches the sample


ElastiTest Software shows how well a fabric maintains its elasticity, strength, and recovery ability while being subjected to 3 dimensional forces.  User can create custom tests by selecting:

  • Distension height or distension pressure

  • Distension rate

  • Hold time

  • Release rate

  • Recovery time

  • Number of cycles

Results show distension measurement (if pressure is set) or pressure measurement (if distension is set) along with distension at recovery times which will indicate bagging of the fabric.