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Vertical Flammability Chamber M233M
Safely and accurately measures the flame resistance, glow propagation and charring of textiles
Type of Product : Flammability Testing
Type of Business : Textile
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Product Details

The Vertical Flammability Chamber, designed for American Standards, measures the vertical flame spread 
for children's sleepwear, fabrics, other textile materials or resilient filling materials used in upholstered furniture.



  • Draft free stainless steel cabinet
  • Large observation window
  • Back wall painted black for easy test viewing
  • Calibrated stopwatch included

Easy to change burner and sample holders

Different burner configurations and sample holders are available to meet specific testing needs

  • Meets USA flammability regulations for testing fabric flammability
  • Designed to meet international standards including: ASTM, CFR, GB and California TB

Gas Control System

The Gas Control System is housed separately from the enclose for safety 
and operator convenience

Equipped standard with Manual Gas Control

Optional Automatic Gas Control with solenoid control gas valve and
automatic ignition timer is available