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AutoFlamm Flammability Tester M233B
Tests general clothing and vertically oriented fabrics according to European Standards
Type of Product : Flammability Testing
Type of Business : Textile
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Product Details

The AutoFlamm Flammability Tester meets the needs of those testing general apparel fabrics and vertically oriented fabrics to European standards.

These include home textiles such as curtains or drapes, bedding, table clothes and other items that hang down from furniture. 

Now complies to EU Toy Safety: EN 71-2 



This fully automated instrument features:

  • Motor-driven burner nozzles and micro switches to ensure automated operation
  • Micro switches activated by ignition wires
  • Automatic burner ignition
  • Automatic burner positioning to ensure testing accuracy

Nozzle Angle

Burner tip motion regulated via motorized control allowing for  Up/Down, 
Forward/Backward, and Rotating Angles
 (Surface, 30° Bottom edge, 45° and Vertical)


  30° Nozzle Angle
Quickly and easily reconfigure to a wide range of interchangeable
precision test frames and burners

Innovation and Convenience

Revolutionary clamp design for mounting the thread loads easily and holds it firmly in place


Complies to EU Toy Safety: EN 71-2  

The AutoFlamm has been purposefully designed to meet EN 71-2 Safety of toys
- Part 2. The burner tip can be easily adjusted to meet the different configurations
required to fully meet the various parts of the standard including vertically oriented 
for parts 5.2 and 5.4 and 45° inclination for parts 5.3 and 5.5.


Easy to Use Software

  • Controlled via Computer or Tablet rather than separate control unit

  • Most popular standards and routines are preprogrammed into the software

  • Intuitive and easy to use PC software provided

  • All test results are included in the test report which is uploaded to the
    computer by USB cable or via Bluetooth (wireless)