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Closed-loop automates the process by capturing spectral data directly from the press sheet and automatically updating the ink keys. It cuts down on paper and ink expenses that accumulate when you’re not getting up to color quickly, makes short runs more profitable, and minimizes operator intervention. It’s so much faster and more accurate than a traditional workflow that it pays for itself almost immediately.

Software to Automate Ink Key Adjustments
Rutherford Graphics offers two products that interact with eXact Auto-Scan and IntelliTrax2 to automatically update ink keys without manual operator adjustment. Each solution offers a touch screen interface that allows operators to initiate or reject closed-loop action after the scan with one touch, empowering users to print to G7, ISO standards, or in-house standards with ease and confidence. It has never been so fast and easy to increase quality and decrease costs!

IntelliPress2 Closed Loop Solution
Rutherford’s entry-level solution also works with both IntelliTrax2 and eXact Auto-Scan. Simply scan your sheet fed color bars and the data will be sent to EasyLoop to make automatic adjustments to the ink keys on press. 

IntelliPack Closed Loop Solution
Compatible with IntelliTrax2 and eXact Auto-Scan, this complete system works with up to 20 units web and sheetfed presses of any width. Before you start the press, the CIP or TIFF files from prepress will provide all the information that IntelliSet needs to automatically preset the ink keys. Simply choose the print job and paper type on the touch-screen monitor and IntelliSet does the rest. 

Once you start the job, simply scan the press sheet color bar to get spectral and density data and IntelliLoop will take care of adjusting ink keys. During the press run, feed color data into IntelliLoop with periodic scans of the color bar, and the software will alert the press operator if auto-adjustments are necessary to keep color consistent.