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Tecno Freccia
Type of Product : Garment Cutting System
Type of Business : Garment
Brand :
Product Details
Innovative automatic cutting system Conveyor type for Single Ply and lays up to 2.5cm compressed height. One machine, multiple functions: Versatile -- Accurate --Efficient

Tecno Freccia is the ideal solution from small to large productions able to cut: PVC, Fibreglass, Carbon Fibre, Medical rays protection fibres, Laminated Fabrics, Foam, Wadding, Rubber, Wall and Pipe Insulation, Polyurethane Fibre, Nylon, Kevlar.

Ideal for following industries: Building construction, Automotive, Boating, Aeronautical, Furniture, Leisure Accessories, Defence, Protective Clothing.

Average power consumption 5.6kW