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Type of Product : Laboratory Dyeing Testing
Type of Business : Textile
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Product Details
Making use of high effective pantented heating conduction medium, eqdium, equipped with high quality temperature controller, applicable in the normal temp. or high temp. dyeing, energy saving and environmental protection, it provides you convenient, multi-purpose laboratory dyer.
Low liquid ratio, No wrinkle on the fabric, Intelligent chemical lid, suitable for adding powder and liquid chemical during dyeing process.
  • No temperature difference between each dye-pot
  • No temperature dropping during dye-pot be plugged in or unloaded. Can be used for constant temperature dyeing as the traditional glycerol dyeing machine. it's more efficient than other IR dyer.
  • Energy saving. No wasting the time to heat up again.
  • No more service on temperature sensor cable. The cable is fixed on the drum, is lots reliable than other suspended in the air.
  • Intelligent design for chemical lid, Easy to operate and check whether the chemical is added or not. To avoid the mistake such as over-adding or miss-adding happened.
  • Option: Copower-Monitoring Software system, Can be more than one monitor