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Weather transmitter 6501
Type of Product : Weather Instrument
Type of Business : Automation & Control ,Environmental
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Product Details
The 6501 weather transmitter offers a six-in-one solution to measure barometric pressure, humidity, precipitation, temperature, and wind speed and direction – all with one instrument. Compact and lightweight, the 6501 is suitable for weather stations, dense networks, buildings, golf courses, marinas, harbors and hotels – almost anywhere where real time weather data is needed. Accurate and reliable data provided to you early enough can increase safety to life and property.

Wind speed 
- Range 0-60 m/s

wind direction
- Azimuth 0 -360 

- Cumulative accumulation after the latest automatic or manual reset
Air temperature 
- Range -52 - 60  degree Celsius

Relative humidity
- Range 0-100 %RH