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Aquarius database management 
Type of Product : Time Series Database Management
Type of Business : Automation & Control ,Environmental
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Product Details
AQUARIUS is the leading software suite to acquire, process, model, and publish water data. Environmental monitoring agencies worldwide trust AQUARIUS to produce accurate water information in real-time. A modern design delivers the latest water science in an intuitive experience. Simplified data management, analysis, and information sharing enable better decisions for sustainable water management.

QA/QC Your data in Real-Time
  • Automatic QA/QC to produce real-time data end-user can trust
  • Spend time on high value analysis by automating low level data cleaning
  • Get timely email warning of hydrological event & station health issues

Defend your data easily
  • Maintain a permanent record of all your original data
  • Lock down data approval & workflow control
  • Apply data grades (quality codes) to time series data

Build better rating curves
  • Visualize gauging measurement from ADCP, M9 & more
  • Focus on hydrologic & hydrolic relation, not curve fitting
  • Shift rating to account for conditions like scour, fill, weed & ice

Import & cralize your data
  • Import data logger file such as sutron YSI Text & CSV
  • Import gauging measurement

Customize your report
  • Generate customized report templates