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Type of Business : Automation & Control
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Product Details
Typical VISOR® Allround
The VISOR® Allround is the latest member in the VISOR® family and a real multi-talent among vision sensors. In the new allround version, the device unites the functions of the object sensor (i.a. calibration, pattern matching, contour, calliper, BLOB) with the powerful tools of the code reader (bar code, datamatrix and optical character recognition). When feeding parts in correct alignment or positioning components, additional data matrix codes for example can now also be read. With a resolution of up to 5 megapixel even the smallest details are reliably detected and evaluated.
In addition to the monochrome version, the VISOR® Allround is also available as a color version with up to 5 megapixel. Thus additional “Detectors” are available for color evaluation. Even the subtlest nuances in shade can be reliably detected. The relevant object colors, for example, can be taught-in quite simply by push of a button or - thanks to the intuitive color histogram - set graphically for each channel in the colour space. The authorised color tolerances can be defined by the user.
Scope of detectors according to the application:
  • Advanced: Color detection and object identification within in one device
  • Professional: To also solve robotics applications