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UV dryer Aktiprint Mini
Type of Product : UV Dryer
Type of Business : Printing & Packaging
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UV dryer Aktiprint Mini

The compact UV dryer is a continuous production unit for quick hardening of UV inks and lacquers on flat material and moulded parts from paper, plastic, conductor plates, glass, metal and for small to medium size prints under normally admitted heat. In the graphic arts industry the compact UV dryer is used in the pre-press department to dry test prints for colourmatching and in research & development laboratories of ink and chemical suppliers. 
UV dryer properties 
  • -  Compact continuous UV table unit, ready for operation 
  • -  UV lamp, 500 Watt 
  • -  Very quick replacement of the UV lamp on the reflector side 
  • -  Strong elliptic aluminium semi-reflector scales 
  • -  Easily replaceable facetted aluminium reflector surfaces 
  • -  Cooling ventilator with thermostatic re-cooling 
  • -  Teflon coated endless glass fabric conveyor belt 
  • -  Working hours counter