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IGT F1 Proofer
Printability tester for flexo inks, can also be used for gravure prints, performed with anilox and photopolymer cleaning mode.
Type of Product : Flexo Proofer
Type of Business : Printing & Packaging
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Product Details
IGT F1 Proofer
The F1 basic is for flexo printing only, a universal flexo tester for use with solvent based inks, UV 
inks and water base inks on a range of substrates. The F1 is available with facilities for printing on corrugated board and for gravure printing. Also available as the F1-UV with integrated UV dryer. 
The principal properties of the F1 are:
  • Extensive processing possibilities for various substrates and inks; substrate, ink, engraved roller (available in many sorts) and printing form simple and quick to change
  • Makes a two anilox revolution print
  • Can ink the photopolymer up to twenty times before making the print
  • Excellent reproducibility, high degree of simulation of actual practice Electronic printing force and speed control
The F1 printability tester produces colour strips suitable for many purposes, such as:
  • Measuring colour with colour measuring systems or spectrophotometers.
  • Use in colour matching systems, visual appraisal, density measurements, including establishing colour and density tolerances and determination of coverage, wear resistance, scratch resistance, flexibility, adhesion and gloss, ink transfer, light fastness and resistance to chemicals

For gravure printing, the F1, F1 corrugated or F1-UV is switched into the gravure mode. 

IGT F1 Basic : For flexo printing only , Printing width 40 mm
IGT F1 : Printing width 40 mm
IGT F1 Corrugated :  Can make prints on corrugated board with thickness up to 14 mm, printing width  40 mm
IGT F1 -100 : Printing 100 mm
IGT F1 UV : The F1-UV consists of the F1 tester and an integrated UV-dryer. Printing width 40 mm