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SDL 'ECO' Infrared Lab Dyeing System D400IR
Unit produces accurate laboratory sample dyeings with level and reproducible results and accommodates up to 20 positions with a low liquor ratio for synthetic and natural fibers. The SDL ECO moves the beakers in a circular rotation with advanced infrared heating technology eliminating glycol contamination and cumbersome beaker cleaning. Specially pressure-tested beakers offer maximum safety for atmospheric and high-temperature dyeing. The easy to operate multi-step controller makes operator error virtually impossible. Dyebatch temperature is measured directly by a PT-100 probe inside the beaker. Important process information is easily viewed during the dyeing process. The SDL ECO is suitable for all types of substrates. It is ergonomically designed for fast, convenient use. State-of-the-art technology contributes to accurate temperature control and low energy consumption. State of the art technology at an affordable price. Glycol-free infra red heating system. Accurage temperature control. Increased productivity of laboratory samples. Hight temperature, safety tested pressure dyeing beakers. Easy to operate multi step controller. Suitable for all fibers and substrates.
Type of Product : Fabrics Testing
Type of Business : Textile
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